Sneaky Girl is a thief that occasionally asks for permission to steal. Also a possible hero candidate for the dragon slaying quest.
Spoiler: Dragon Quest

Slaying the dragon If you give her the Dragonblade, she will return with 250 gold and 25 happiness. You can also give it to the knight for 500 Gold


Request Y Result N Result Notes
"The guards confiscated some gold that I, uh... found... Can I have it back?" -25 Gold +50 Gold Repeatable
"Want me to steal from the rich and give to... you? Not just from the rich, I'll steal from whoever, basically." -5 happiness +50 gold Nothing Repeatable
"Can I have the key to the uptown district?" +3 Happiness Nothing Gives a later -2 and then another +3 to happiness
"Hey, you helped me out before. I brought you something, just don't ask where it came from. Will you accept my gift?" +25 Gold Nothing Repeatable
“We’re pals, right? Think you could find a home for my friend? He’s… between places right now, you could say…" +1 People -1 Happiness

Dragonblade interaction leads to a request to wield the blade, but gives -1 Happiness if rejected.