The scientist has many ideas about new technologies that can help your kingdom. However, he requests large quantities of funding, and some of his breakthroughs may have some...unintended consequences.

Research Edit

Gold-generating Machine Edit

The scientists have developed a theory for a machine that can regularly generate gold. They will request multiple contributions of gold and workers. Their research will cause some pollution.

Music system Edit

The scientists have an idea to install a city-wide speaker system to cheer up the populace! Will the population enjoy the music as much as the scientists expect?

Potions Edit

The scientists occasionally have new ideas for potions, and need to request test subjects. These potions can have inconsistent results.

Interactions Edit

Request Y Result N Result Notes
"Hello, hello! I am, well, I am the Scientist! I do science, for you, King!" ... Nothing. Nothing. First interaction with Scientist. Unique
"Hello, hello! The Council of Science has devised a blueprint for a gold-generating machine!" ...

"Perhaps you might initiate this project with a small research grant of five hundred gold?"

-500 Gold

Enables gold-generator (GG) interactions.


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