Chester is a living treasure chest. Because of a curse, put on him by a witch, he often offers you to allow him to eat some of the citizens of your kingdom.

Appearance Edit

Chester looks like a regular chest: brown wooden planks with the bottom part shaped like a trapezoid prism and the upper part shaped like a hemispherical prism. He does have sharp teeth, four at the top and four at the bottom, and a serpentine tongue. He has two small round eyes just above his mouth.

Role Edit

When you first meet him, he asks you if he can eat some of your citizens, in exchange for gold. He does this because he was cursed by a witch, causing him to be hungry for people. Wizard can cure the curse for him, in exchange for a fee of 40 coins. So will the Witch for payment. Georgie can also break the curse, in exchange for a deal with the devil (Georgie).


Request Y Result N Result Notes
"You ever see a treasure chest do a backflip?" Nothing Nothing Unique
"I accidentally ate some folks out front, can I just pay you back with gold?" -5 People

+150 Gold

-5 People Repeatable
"I'm hungry. Can I eat some folks? I've got plenty of gold, so I can pay you back for their... lives..." -5 People

+100 Gold

+1 Happiness Repeatable
"Hey, how's it going? You and me... we really get along, don't we? I wanted to tell you a secret..." ...

"You think you could help me break the curse? I don't want to keep eating people forever..."

+1 Happiness

Some magical characters may offer to lift the curse

"In need of cash, huh? I could hook you up if you let me eat a few folks. How about it?" -10 People

-5 Happiness

+250 Gold

Appears when too low on money.