The Butler is your trusty servant, always delivering your tea, and telling you of suspicious looking people. He likes to party though. He'll offer you 'the good stuff'.


Request Y Result N Result Notes
"Ahem. Might I get a cup of tea for you, my liege?" -3 Gold,

+3 Happiness

Nothing Repeatable until you get the "good stuff".
"You've been drinking quite a bit of tea, sir. Might I upgrade you to... the good stuff? +3 Happiness,

Enables repeatable "good stuff"

Nothing Repeatable until Y
"Another cup of tea, my liege? I've got more of that good stuff you like..." +3 Happiness

-10 Gold

Nothing Repeatable after you get the "good stuff"
"There's a party I'd like to go to this evening, my liege/lady. Might I have the rest of the day off?" +3 Happiness -3 Happiness Repeatable
"My liege, there is a man in the foyer asking to join your guard. He's got an eyepatch, looks a little shifty."

"What do you think, should we take a chance on this stranger?"

+1 People -1 Happiness Unique
"That man you hired earlier has gone missing, sire. Shall we send a search party?" -1 People

-10 Gold

-1 People Depends on hiring the eyepatch man.


"Our search party has turned up the missing man, sire - and nine of his new friends!" N/A N/A +10 People

Depends on searching for the missing man.